talian suits are beautiful and exquisitely made, but unfortunately do not lay well on men from the north of Europe. That is why we have developed a construction that is a marriage of Italian style with a northern silhouette.

In our design we have taken care that the shoulders are raised to avoid horizontal creasing on the back. We have widened the sleeves at the biceps so that they lay well on sportsmen. Because of this, the chest also lays better. Our trousers have a higher cut, laying better on the hips and with a more elegant appearance.

The construction of our jackets and suits is the result of many years of thought and trial-and-error experience.

Construction is one thing however, and style another. Here we have decided to keep to the best Italian designs. The lapels of our suits are wide and the gorge placed high in order to lengthen the line of the suit and underline visually the shoulders. The breast pocket is cut in an arc (so-called barchetta). The pockets added to sports jackets have the dynamic form of a glass, and there are always two flaps on the back of the jacket.

The shoulders are the most important part of every jacket. The construction of the whole rests on them, which is why in our system you can choose one of three types of sewing in the sleeves (con rolino, natural and spalla camicia). Our jackets are created with the half canvas method. We use the best quality buttons from milled horn.