he Groom is a company which was established because of our passion for Italian tailoring. We are producers of high quality, half canvas, men’s suits.

We love Italian tailoring, but Italian suits do not always fit men with a body type typical for' north Europeans. That is we created a suit shaped ideally for clients from our part of Europe, but with all the stylistic characteristics of an Italian suit.

We do not have minimum production runs. You can order just one RTW suit, or a short production number in order to react quickly to your clients’ requirements. We also offer an advanced Made-to-Measure service. We are private label experts.

We make our product in Poland, which is why you will always see "Made in the EU" on your product label, and shipping times will be just a few days. EU production also means straightforward intra-EU accounting and invoicing. Our team is easily at hand by email and phone and will quickly help you solve any problems.